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İstanbul City View

Istanbul & Turkey

September 19 - 28, 2024

(optional extension: Niigata, September 28 - 30)

Japan will be the focus of our next photography workshop. This extraordinary 9 and/or 13 day adventure includes a deep dive into Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and the Heritage city, Nara. From the sumo district of Tokyo to the fish auctions of Osaka, we're excited to show you this amazing country. 

September 19 - 28

In addition, we're offering a three day add-on excursion into gorgeous, rural Japan, where you'll have the chance to shoot traditional artisans in remote ancient villages, hike through the fall landscape and participate in traditional onsen culture. In this atmosphere our pace will slow and our work will deepen.

September 28 - 30

This itinerary is specifically crafted to offer a range of locations, experiences, and shooting opportunities in a mix of modern and ancient settings. Our pace will be determined yet with plenty of time to relax.  

For inquiries, please email:

Cultural Heritage, Natural Beauty
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