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“Albania is a fascinating and beautiful country. The people are super friendly and I felt always welcome. A big advantage is travelling with someone who has a deep connection to the land... In addition, having two accomplished photographers at hand provided excellent learning opportunities.” - Ora B.

"The days are packed with collective adventures but yet enough time to stroll around the cities by yourself or in a small group. Overall, I cannot recommend this workshop enough. I would come back for a second run in a heartbeat. Albania has won me over!”

- Magnus A.

”Deciding to make a photographic journey to Albania was never on my bucket list until I had the good fortune to meet a fine art photographer whose multiple decades in this beautiful, unique and alluring region became my next adventure. The land, history, architecture, food and the arts were unknown to me until I took this incredible journey with Wide Angel. If your’e looking for an unforgettable experience, and to bring your photography to the next level, Elena has the ability to grant this and more.” - Amy K.

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