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Japan: Photography 
Workshop 2024

Discover your own way of seeing

Wide Angle Creative offers immersive cultural experiences and photography workshops.

Small Street in Japan

About The Workshop

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Explore Japan while you learn from two accomplished creators and educators:

Visual artist Elena Dorfman, who will introduce you to the remarkable landscapes she knows well, and photographer Dan Milnor, Creative Evangelist for Blurb, storyteller, educator, bird-watcher and all around raconteur.


Upcoming Workshops / 2024

Japan: Tokyo and Beyond: September 19 - 30 

Photography Workshop & Cultural Excursion

We're committed to your creative process:
  • Daily one-on-one assigments, instructions and  group discussion while traveling in country

  • Honing your personal narrative and style

  • Assignments that address the individual frame, storytelling and long form projects

  • Best practices for shooting in diverse environments

  • Editing and sequencing for maximum impact

  • The option to create a book during the workshop

  • Insights into larger projects, books and exhibitions

  • Access to two established photographers

  • Pre and post workshop virtual gatherings 

Stunning locations across Japan, including:
  • Tokyo Immersive

  • Ancient and contemporary Kyoto and Kobe

  • Mt. Fuji and the Five Lakes region

  • Culturally and historically significant cities and World heritage sites

  • Vibrant, photo-rich urban environments

  • Laid-back and lush rural environments

  • Delicious cuisine, regional food & drink 

  • Significant architectural & religious sites

  • Traditional ryokan and onsen experiences

  • Local guides and experts

  • Artisan visits throughout the country

You’ll also enjoy fabulous hotels, amazing restaurants, curator-led museum visits, and tours by local experts.

Past Workshops

Albania: May 2023

Photography Workshop

Cultural Heritage, Natural Beauty

Albania: June 2023

Photography Workshop

Ancient Cities, Spectacular Landscapes

Albania: June 2023

Cultural Tour

Cultural Heritage, Natural Beauty

Did you know? Albania made the New York Times list of Places To Go In 2023. Find out why!

“Albania is a fascinating and beautiful country. A big advantage is travelling with someone who has a deep connection to the land... In addition, having two accomplished photographers at hand provided excellent learning opportunities.” - Ora B.

The workshop struck a fine balance of being efficiently organized, diverse and well-paced, but we were also granted the freedom and time to explore on our own and pursue our personal curiosity. Having access to Elena’s knowledge and lifelong connection with Albania was such a privilege. This afforded us access to secret locations, local people and the fascinating food and culture of Albania... Overall, I came away impressed, challenged, and eager to continue developing my photography."  - Sam K.

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